Laugh. Cry. Cheer. And prepared for the best edu-tainment in the industry. Dr. Ellie Campbell is one of the absolute best speakers and she relays complicated concepts and research in the clearest way. She knows her audience and adapts her delivery whether it is to the scientific community or lay audience and whether she is speaking about oral health or vitamin D or the myriad of other areas wherein her expertise lies, your audience will be inspired and love you for inviting her to speak!

Dr. Ellie Campbell is a remarkable integrative and functional physician whose expertise extends beyond the confines of her medical practice. As a speaker she educates, inspires, and motivates audiences sharing a breadth of knowledge across her many areas of medical expertise. Her ability to connect with audiences, coupled with her relevance of topics, sets her apart as a truly outstanding speaker.

Dr. Campbell’s insightful presentations delve into leading edge preventive medical advancements that resonate with audience experience. Her talent is to engage and empower her listeners and deliver
practical insights they can easily apply to their own lives. Dr. Campbell is a genuine, warm, and loving human being. And, her sincere and passionate mission to improve peoples’ health rings through loud and clear at every one of her events. She is a phenomenal physician and an excellent speaker. She is one of my top picks every time I’m working to create and develop a large program, event, or scientific session.