Heart Attacks Are Optional
Medical Dental Collaboration

Root cause approach to reducing risk for the #1 killer in the USA.

Understanding language and connections for exemplary inter-professional communication.

The Blood Pressure Blueprint

Correcting common mistakes in data collection and blood pressure management with emphasis on self care and natural hypertension remedies.

A Mouthful of Danger

and an opportunity to help.

The Family Doctor's Perspective

Five home remedies that can lower blood pressure 10-40 points in under 5 minutes.

Chew On This For A While

Surprising Dental Toxins - Toxins found in the mouth than can profoundly affect systemic health.

Five Rapid Remedies For Blood Pressure Control

How better understanding of oral health enhances patient outcomes.

Not Just Patients, Raving Fans

17 years in a concierge medicine membership practice-- tips and tricks to create an irresistible patient experience.

Prevention and Reversal of Cardiovascular Disease Using a Functional Medicine Model

Identifying causes of inflammation and oxidative stress using advanced imaging and lab tests to reduce risk of cardiovascular events to near zero.

Speaking Topics